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      PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film
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      PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film

      PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film superior forming properties, excellent transparency and glossy, widely use for packaging snacks, like breads, spicy sticks, beef sticks, etc.

      PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film

      PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film superior forming properties, excellent transparency and glossy, widely use for packaging snacks, like breads, spicy sticks, beef sticks, etc.

      1. Product Introduction

      PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film is a kind of vacuum forming packaging solutions, which is suitable for their respective packaging machines.

      QiluVac PA EVOH PE film thickness 60 - 350 microns, In order to maintain good aromas, use MAP gas or prolong vacuum, high barrier film with structure is available.

      2. Product Parameter

      Product Name

      Multilayer thermoforming film





      Production Technology

      Multi-layer water quench production line


      Transparent Clean or Printing


      Food Grade; Medical Grade


      Thickness: 55um-300um

      Width: 100mm-1000mm

      Length: Customized


      1) Excellent barrier properties of Oxygen and Water.
      2) Leakage Resistant and High Moisture Proof.
      3) High puncture and tear resistance.
      4) High Transparency.

      Porduction Process

      Water quench Co-extrusion Film


      For packing Fresh or frozen meat, processed meat, sea food, cheese, sausage, etc.

      Purchase Information

      Packing: Roll in carton or Customer requirements.
      Delivery Within: 10 ~15 days after received the payment.
      Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Western Union.

      3. Product Feature and Application

      QiluVac specialize in the production of PA/PE composite films. Their application possibilities are as versatile as the film types themselves. Packaging foodstuffs, such as fresh meat, sausages, cheese, fish, seafood, but also baked goods and pastries, eggs, tofu and BARF food are among the classic applicationsof our thermoforming films. They all benefit from the first-class quality which is ensured by the careful selection of high-grade raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers. We consistently do without plasticizers and invest a lot in continuous improvements to film structure and production methods.


      Our specialists in application technology know very well what aspects need to be taken into account with the various products multilayer thermoforming film barrier films for packaging fresh, frozen, smoked and processed meats, cheese, seafood, eggs, ham, etc.

      4. Production Line

      5. Our Quality Control and Certification



      6. Our Packaging


      7. FAQ

      Important role of stretch film packaging in food packaging

      Food is the consumer goods in people's lives, food packaging can protect food, and can extend the quality of food, follow the progress of people's living standards, people's packaging requirements have also been greatly improved, and the demand for food is also In the event of a rising trend, the food packaging from the vacuum packaging machine represented by the stretch film is especially the favorite and welcome of large-scale consumers. So what are the effects of stretch film packaging in food packaging?

      The stretch film packaging reduces labor intensity, changing labor conditions, protects the environment, saves raw materials, and reduces product costs. As hand-packaged liquid products, it is easy to form a product splash; when packaging powder products, dust is often formed. The packaging of the stretch film packaging machine can prevent the loss of the product, which protects the environment and saves raw materials.

      The stretchable film packaging machine guarantees the hygiene and protection of the packaging product, progressing the quality of product packaging, enhances the competitiveness of market sales. If the health requirements of the drug are very strict, the stretch film packaging machine packaging is used to avoid direct touch of human hand and drug, which reduces pollution to drugs. At the same time, due to the fast packaging speed, the drug is short to stay in the air, and then the opportunity to pollution is also conducive to the hygiene of the drug.

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