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      High Resistance Puncture Film

      High Resistance Puncture Film

      QiluVac high resistance puncture film adopts down blowing water quenched process technology, superior formability, excellent optical appearance, and balanced mechanical?properties,can extend food shelf life and provide superior color,aroma, flavor?to food?products.

      1.Product Introduction??

      QiluVac?high resistance puncture film have nylon pe film,pa evoh pe film and pa pp film of vacuum thermoforming film,which can supply excellent packaging materials and best packing solutions.


      2.Product feature and application


      ·?PA barrier Layer, medium barrier performance

      ·?PA surface layer, good puncture resistance

      ·?Excellent tensile properties, can be used for top film and bottom film, can be printed

      ·?Thickness range 55um-350um


      Room temperature, refrigerated, frozen foods, such as fish fillet, meat, sausages, cheese, etc(products requiring low barrier or short shelf life)


      3.?Production details




      4.Quality control?and certification



      5.Our packaging


      6. FAQ

      What Our wide range of products provide many benefits to you and your customers including:?

      --High oxygen and moisture barrier properties providing safer and longer shelf-life

      --High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink showcasing the best of your product

      --Wide seal window allowing ease of use for all Thermoforming systems

      --Various grades of material and colours providing a solution to all your product requirements

      --Excellent forming ability improving presentation and efficiencies

      --Customized opening characteristics from lock-seal to easy-open availiable

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