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      High Barrier Packaging Film
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      High Barrier Packaging Film

      High barrier packaging film are suitable for packaging meats and Burger meats, mostly use 125-180 micron thickness.

      High Barrier Packaging Film

      High barrier packaging film are suitable for packaging meats and Burger meats, mostly use 125-180 micron thickness.

      1. Product Introduction

      high barrier packaging film a range of vacuum forming packaging solutions, For thermoforming bottom film, with depth of 3cm-5cm , for packing meats and bone in meats, we usually suggest PA/PE structures, thickness 125 micron-180 mciron, width 323mm, 424mm, 556mm, 598mm, 665mm, etc.

      From decades of experience as a packaging specialist we know that the right packaging is like a business card for your product. The customers’ first glance at the product is decisive whether they reach for your product. In order to meet our customers’ demands, we keep a wide range of highly transparent films in various thicknesses and widths in stock. Carefully selected, high-quality raw materials from innovative, renowned suppliers and continuous improvements to film structure and production methods guarantee the success of our first-class film solutions.

      2. Product Parameter

      Product Name

      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film





      Production Technology

      Multi-layer water quench production line

      Porduction Process

      Water quench Co-extrusion Film


      For packing Fresh or frozen meat, processed meat, sea food, cheese, sausage, etc.

      Purchase Information

      Packing: Roll in carton or Customer requirements.
      Delivery Within: 10 ~15 days after received the payment.

      3. Product Feature and Application

      High barrier packaging film is manufactured by using rapid water quenching process technologies:

      1) Optimum, aesthetic product presentation

      2) High degree of transparency

      3) Excellent shrinking properties

      4) Low juice separation

      5) First-class skin sealing properties in full-surface sealing: no

      6) Product fluids between top and bottom film layer

      7) Very good machinability for exceptional ease of processing


      4. Production Line

      5. Our Quality Control and Certification

      6. Our Packaging


      7. Lastest News

      What is the advantage of a coextruded film manufacturer and an introduction to the scope of use?

      Co-extruded film manufacturer co-extruded film is a blown film direct separation multi-layer co-extrusion process blown film.

      All layers of the co-extruded film manufacturer co-extruded film are extruded in the same time, so there is no other non-plastic materials such as aluminum foil, paper.

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