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      High Barrier Food Packaging Film

      High Barrier Food Packaging Film

      high barrier food packaging film is made by multilayer coextruded machine. The excellent film thickness and the uniform layer thickness ensure the excellent forming uniformity .

      High barrier food packaging film 

      High barrier food packaging film is kind of Multilayer structure design makes the film have the high barrier properties and the water quench process technology ensures the good opacity of products,softness and gloss.Reliable heat sealability ensures the vacuum or inflated condition of packages.

      thermoforming  (5)

      1. Product feature and application

      High barrier food packaging film thermoforming film is used on automatic vacuum thermoformer machine

      1)High gloss, highly transparent

      2)Excellent puncture resistance

      3)EVOH as possible barrier

      4)Easy-opening either in the bottom-film (or tray) or in the lidding

      thermoforming  (1)

      2.Product Details: 

      Product NameHigh barrier food packaging film
      Production TechnologyWater quench and casting 
      Transparent, white,black,orange
      Quality StandardFDA ,EU2010

      1) Excellent barrier properties of Oxygen and Moisture.

      2) Leakage Resistant and High Moisture Proof.

      3) High puncture and tear resistance.

      4) Easy open top film can be produced

      ApplicationIt can adopt automatic vacuum thermoforming machine, used for meat, sausage, bacon, beef, cheese, seafood, Egg packaging                                                                                         


      High barrier food packaging film for thermoforming with high transparency and good flatness, excellent thermoforming characteristics and high resistance to punctures. The good mechanical performances of these products make them particularly suitable for food-packaging like sausages, ripe cheese, speck and other products with non-rounded off corners.

      4.Quality Control


      5.Our Packaging 
      1)3' paper core 

      2)Diamater :25-45cm

      3)dural spigot ,and with carton box or bubble plastic packaging 


      6.What is Thermoforming Films? 

      The process itself is commonly used to make products that will withstand extreme heat. For example, if a Company is making a metal alloy that is going to be put into a jet engine, the heat generated during flight could damage the alloy, causing it to weaken and eventually fail. If the Company did not use a thermoforming process to form the metal alloy, the alloy would have failed during the flight and the Company would have been forced to throw away the entire aircraft. This same scenario could occur if the Company did not use the appropriate Thermoforming film during the manufacturing process. As you can see, the benefits of using this particular process far outweigh its disadvantages.

      Read more at: https://dataintelo.com/what-is-thermoforming-films/?utm_campaign=copy

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