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      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film
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      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum forming Film

      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film are suitable for packaging meats and bone in meats, mostly use 230 micron thickness or above.

      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film

      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film are suitable for packaging meats and bone in meats, mostly use 230 micron thickness or above.

      1. Product Introduction

      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film has a complete range of vacuum forming packaging solutions, For thermoforming bottom film, with depth of 7cm-10cm, for packing meats and bone in meats, we usually suggest PA/EVOH/PE structures, thickness 230 micron-350 mciron, width 325mm-1100mm.

      2. Product Parameter

      Multilayer thermoforming Film

      Production series



      QiluVac -Middle barrier


      High Barrier

      Product Name

      High Barrier Coextrusion Vacuum Forming Film



      Production Technology

      7layer water quench production line




      Food Grade; Medical Grade

      Purchase Information

      Packing: Roll in carton or Customer requirements.
      Delivery Within: 10 ~15 days after received the payment.
      Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or Western Union.

      3. Product Feature and Application

      QiluVac Multilayer thermoforming film is manufactured by using rapid water quenching process technologies:

      1) High gloss, highly transparent

      2) Excellent puncture resistance

      3) EVOH as possible barrier

      4) Easy-opening either in the bottom-film (or tray) or in the lidding


      Every product needs a packaging that ideally protects it and at the same time presents it in an attractive way. We offer you packaging solutions in the categories, food and non food packaging solutions.

      4. Production Line



      5. Our Quality Control and Certification

      6. Our Packaging


      7. Lastest News

      After the company's leadership, the common cooperation efforts of the relevant personnel of various departments and functional film technology reform projects, the functional film new line has been installed and debugged, on September 15, 2019, is officially turned on, and the trial production is successful, producing qualified products. The construction of a functional film new line is a key link in the production and operation planning of the company. His successful landing has far-reaching significance for the company's future development.

      With the development of water packaging, compound color printing, drug outsourcing and other industrial markets, the demand for barrier membranes is increasing, and its market is widely expanded. The total investment of the new line project is 12 million. Advanced technology has been expanded and transformed into existing annual production of 2000 tons of functional membrane project. The annual output of 4,000 tons was completed. It is expected that the annual output value is about 50 million yuan. The completion of the functional film new line is conducive to safety, environmental protection, and quality, and also reduces production costs for the company, increasing market competitiveness.

      The vertical and horizontal, the dream needs to rely on the hard work. The success of this installation and commissioning opened a new chapter in film production and operation. I believe that with the perseverance and perseverance of each ethylene chemical worker, it will be able to win a larger development in the future, and create a higher benefit to the company.

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