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      Meat Skin Pack Film
      Meat Skin Pack Film
      Meat Skin Pack Film
      Meat Skin Pack Film
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      Meat Skin Pack Film

      Vacuum meat skin pack films are ideal for high-quality, ready-to-use products. The "second skin" can maintain freshness and extends the shelf life of fresh products such as meat and poultry.

      1.  Product Description:

      Vacuum meat skin pack film is a highly efficient packaging film with excellent optical properties. Thanks to the attractive, clear packaging, customers can inspect and touch food items without damaging them. Material usage is reduced compared to traditional modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).


      2. Application

      Vacuum skin packaging film packaging is particularly suitable for high-quality products in the meat and meat products, fish and seafood, poultry, convenience food, cheese and pastry sectors. Products that are easy to leak juice can be packaged with vacuum film, and foods with higher shelf life requirements can also be packaged.

      3. Advantage: 

      ①Extend shelf life and reduce losses.

      ②Minimal need for preservatives

      ③Zero cryoburn.

      ④More affordable

      4. Our Packaging details:

      1)Roll with carton, then pallet; 2) Roll with bubble film, then pallet


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