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      Beef Skin Pack Film
      Beef Skin Pack Film
      Beef Skin Pack Film
      Beef Skin Pack Film
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      Beef Skin Pack Film

      QiluVac Vacuum beef skin packaging film is a vacuum packaging film that looks like a second skin on the product and seals to the packaging without changing the product shape or decoration. Can be used for fresh, frozen, and processed foods.

      1.Product Introduction

      QiluVac Beef skin packaging film is an easy to open film with strong, consistent peel properties for customer convenience.

      Vacuum Beef skin packaging film greatly extends shelf life and reduces waste by preserving food, especially fresh meat products. Since the top skin film is sealed to the whole surface of the tray, which can prevent liquid from leaching out of the product.

      To apply this packaging technology, it is necessary to use the automatic vacuum packaging thermoforming machine.


      2. Application:

      QiluVac Vacuum Beef skin packaging film is suitable for harder and more stable products such as steak, sausage, cheese, or frozen food, and can be used for soft food like fish, thin fillets, or other seafood.


      3.Our Quality Control:


      4. Our advantage:

      1)Good Reputation. Founded in 1988, with more than 30 years’ experience, good reputation;

      2)Professional technical support. Professional technical team and customize packaging solutions;

      3)Fast delivery time. Four production lines with an annual output of 8000ton with fast delivery time;

      4)Quality Guarantee. ISO, FDA and SGS, all materials comply with FDA Contact Legislation.


      5.Our Packaging details:


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