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      China Vacuum Thermoforming Film Manufacturers Factory Suppliers

      Our Bottom Film for Sausage Package, PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film, Cheese Vacuum Packaging Film has been recognized by customers around the globe for its outstanding performance, durability and ease of use.With our creative design team, years of accumulated production experience and strict quality concept, our company constantly develops Vacuum Thermoforming Film that consumers like to apply. Under the support of the enterprise culture of "like family, like school, like army", we take "unity, tension, seriousness and liveliness" as the enterprise spirit and "diligence, honesty, morality and loyalty" as the core values. To meet the needs of consumers, the enterprise brand will produce a good image and core competitiveness in the eyes of consumers. We pursue the maximization of customer benefits, the pursuit of high-quality and satisfactory services, the pursuit of a sustainable development strategy, and the pursuit of a people-oriented way of survival. We insist on the concept of "harmony between human and nature, technology and innovation-led" and actively introduce new technologies and techniques. We give back the support and love from all walks of life with our true feelings and love, and actively participate in social public welfare undertakings. Relying on the business model of "two cores and two drives", our company has created a business model integrating investment, construction and operation through the industrial synergy of the member companies of the group and relying on our own sound financial service system. We insist on "zero defects, zero tolerance, zero
        • High Transparence Pa Evoh Pe Film

          High Transparence Pa Evoh Pe Film

          Qilu high transparent pa evoh pe film is widely used in the packaging of fast food, jelly, and other foods. It is safe to seal and easy to peel. Its high barrier property can extend the shelf life...

        • PP Retort Film

          PP Retort Film

          PP retort film are use for packaging high termperature 121C sterillization products, widely use 90-180 micron thickness or above.

        • PA EVOH PE Thermoforming Film

          PA EVOH PE Thermoforming Film

          PA EVOH PE Thermoforming Film are suitable for packaging processed meats, hot dogs, sausages, ham, salami, mostly use 150-180 micron thickness.

        • High Temperature Pa Pp Film

          High Temperature Pa Pp Film

          QiluVac is a professional manufacturer of medical infusion bag thermoforming packaging film, specifically used as secondary packaging for medical infusion bag.

        • Top And Bottom Web

          Top And Bottom Web

          QiluVac can produce top and bottom web in thicknesses ranging between 55 um and 350 um for susage package. Endowed with multiple functions such as good isolation, thermal-formation, vacuuming,...

        • High Barrier Food Packaging

          High Barrier Food Packaging

          QiluVac high barrier food packaging film is manufactured by using under water quenching process technologies,we offers both nylon pe film,pa evoh pe film and pa pp film of vacuum thermoforming...

        • Co-extruded Thermoforming Film

          Co-extruded Thermoforming Film

          sausage packaging film roll vacuum thermoforming film are suitable for packaging sausage dairy foods, mostly use 90micron thickness for top film,150micron for bottom film.

        • Pa Pp Film

          Pa Pp Film

          QiluVac pa pp film can well match with automatic vacuum thermoforming machine for the food packaging, which can bear 121 degree high temperature sterilization.

        • White Color Thermoforming Film

          White Color Thermoforming Film

          White color high barrier or medium barrier film are widely used in vacuum packaging industry ,Beef steak ,sausages,etc

        • High Barrier Food Packaging Film

          High Barrier Food Packaging Film

          high barrier food packaging film is made by multilayer coextruded machine. The excellent film thickness and the uniform layer thickness ensure the excellent forming uniformity .

        • Nylon PE Film

          Nylon PE Film

          QiluVac Nylon PE film can well match with automatic vacuum thermoforming machine for meat, sausage, bacon, beef, cheese, seafood, Egg packaging.

        • PA PE Vacuum Thermoforming Film

          PA PE Vacuum Thermoforming Film

          PA PE vacuum thermoforming film are suitable for packaging cheese dairy foods, mostly use 90 micron thickness.

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      The quality of the Cheese Packaging Films, PA EVOH PE Film we supply is reliable, with worldwide availability and expert technical support, giving it a distinct competitive advantage in the global market. We're professional Vacuum Thermoforming Film manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products. We warmly welcome you to buy high-grade Vacuum Thermoforming Film for sale here from our factory. For price consultation, contact us.