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      China High Barrier PA EVOH PE Film Manufacturers Factory Suppliers

      The company will continue to introduce quality and service, and constantly develop new products, to contribute to the development of Skin Packaging Film, EVOH High Barrier Film, Vacuum Thermoforming Film business and the improvement of consumers' consumption experience. We sincerely welcome new and old customers to patronize.Continuous investment in research and development allows us to deliver innovative, efficient and practical High Barrier PA EVOH PE Film that is manufactured to the strictest quality and safety standards. The company has built a complete enterprise technology innovation system and a first-class enterprise technology innovation team in the industry to accelerate the transformation of the enterprise. We always insist that only by valuing our customers can we win the market and gain the foundation on which our business depends. We actively promote the concept of learning as the source and innovation as the first to all staff, and constantly accumulate our own unique advantages. We provide good pre-sales technical support, strengthen contract management and control during sales, and improve after-sales service and guarantee work. We believe that all activities of the enterprise should start from the market reality, meet market demand, satisfy customer needs and create value-added for customers. It is our goal and mission to provide more products to improve the quality of life and become an international first-class enterprise. In the era of the world's increasingly technological economy, we use talents, capital, technology, market and business philosophy to form the lifeline of our enterprise.
        • Base Thermoforming Film

          Base Thermoforming Film

          high transparency Base thermoforming Film, with depth of 3cm-5cm , for packing meats and bone in meats, we usually suggest PA/PE structures ,thickness 150micron -180mciron ,width...

        • PA EVOH PE Thermoforming Film

          PA EVOH PE Thermoforming Film

          PA EVOH PE Thermoforming Film are suitable for packaging processed meats, hot dogs, sausages, ham, salami, mostly use 150-180 micron thickness.

        • PP Retort Film

          PP Retort Film

          PP retort film are use for packaging high termperature 121C sterillization products, widely use 90-180 micron thickness or above.

        • Antifog Barrier Film

          Antifog Barrier Film

          antifog Barrier Film thermoforming film superior forming properties,excellent optical transparency and glossy ,also with balanced mechanical properties.

        • PA EVOH PE Film

          PA EVOH PE Film

          QiluVac PA EVOH PE film can well match with automatic vacuum thermoforming machine for food packaging.

        • PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film

          PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film

          PA EVOH PE Plastic Thermoforming Film superior forming properties, excellent transparency and glossy, widely use for packaging snacks, like breads, spicy sticks, beef sticks, etc.

        • Co-extruded Pa Evoh Pe Film

          Co-extruded Pa Evoh Pe Film

          Co-extruded pa evoh pe Film roll vacuum thermoforming film are suitable for packaging sausage dairy foods, mostly use 90micron thickness for top film,150micron for bottom film.

        • High Barrier Food Packaging Film

          High Barrier Food Packaging Film

          high barrier food packaging film is made by multilayer coextruded machine. The excellent film thickness and the uniform layer thickness ensure the excellent forming uniformity .

        • High Barrier Packaging Material

          High Barrier Packaging Material

          We produced the world’s most advanced high barrier packaging material, it’s for cheese packaging applications. Our film series with the innovative patented and advanced patented technology to...

        • PA PE Vacuum Thermoforming Film

          PA PE Vacuum Thermoforming Film

          PA PE vacuum thermoforming film are suitable for packaging cheese dairy foods, mostly use 90 micron thickness.

        • White Pa Pe Film For Packaging Beef

          White Pa Pe Film For Packaging Beef

          White color pa pe film are widely used in vacuum packaging industry ,Beef steak ,sausages,etc

        • Multilayer Thermoforming Film

          Multilayer Thermoforming Film

          Multilayer thermoforming film superior forming properties, excellent optical transparency and glossy, also with balanced mechanical properties.

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      We believe in long expression and trusted relationship for High Barrier Packaging Film, Vacuum Packaging Film for Meat. We're professional High Barrier PA EVOH PE Film manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products. We warmly welcome you to buy high-grade High Barrier PA EVOH PE Film for sale here from our factory. For price consultation, contact us.