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      • 272022-7

        Vacuum packaing solutions in meat and poultry industry

        Proprietary, first-to-world water quench forming films delivering unparalleled high gloss finish.

      • 202022-7

        What Is Forming And Non-forming Film Use ?

        forming and non-forming film are top and bottom film use on thermforming machine

      • 192022-7

        Types And Applications Of Vacuum Thermoforming Film

        Types and applications of thermoforming film There are different types of thermoforming film manufacturing, such as ①Hot forming soft packaging film ②PA/PE,PA/EVOH/PE,PA/PP Retort film thermoforming f

      • 162022-7

        Food packaging thermoforming film Will Be Shipped To South America!

        Another 3*40ft containers of food packaging flexible thermoforming film top&bottom film will be shipped to South America!

      • 152022-7

        Why Use Plastics For Packing?

        Today, several polymer types are currently used for foodstuff packaging. Plastics have emerged as the most preferred choice of packaging materials for various products- from food, beverages, chemicals

      • 132022-7

        What Is Application For Thermoforming Film ?

        Thermoforming film is primarily a plastic film, which is heated to applicable forming temperatures thus bringing out the desired shape. It is ideal for various food products like cheese, dairy product

      • 112022-7

        What Is PA Film?

        PA is a resin widely used in the production of flexible packaging films, in most cases combined with polyolefins as a component of multilayer structures. Polyamides can be processed into films, orient

      • 182022-6

        QiluVac Thermoforming Packaged Film

        Regardless of technological development, the important factor affecting the quality of high-barrier stretch film so far is the material and production process of high-barrier stretch film, the reason

      • 092022-6

        How To Choose Vacuum Packaging For Seafood Products?

        How to choose vacuum packaging for seafood products? Here are some considerations: ①Top fresh seafood source ②Hygenic operation environment ③High-quality packaging material With over 10 years experien

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