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      • 052022-10

        What Is High Barrier Film ?

        Clear packaging solutions for forming film and non-forming film. Our film are designed for performance in fresh and frozen food applications and provide showcase ready packaging.

      • 212022-9

        What Is Forming And Non-forming Film ?

        QiluVac produces forming film products with the run-to-run consistency necessary for optimum performance on your packaging lines. Our forming and non-forming web can be used for a variety of applicati

      • 302022-9

        What Can Thermoforming Film Pack ?

        ?Thermoforming film is primarily a plastic film, which is heated to applicable forming temperatures thus bringing out the desired shape.

      • 142022-9


        BARRIER FILM COUPLED: COEXTRUDED BUBBLE FILM BASED ON PA (POLYAMIDE) AND PE (POLYETHYLENE) It is used for vacuum packaging and, depending on the thickness, for bags, for top films and for termo_format

      • 242022-8

        What Is Multilayer Co -extruded White Thermoforming Film?

        White thermoforming film is kind of film with white raw materials ,it is the same useage with transparency thermoforming film

      • 232022-8

        The View Of The QiluVac Factory

        We have garden -level factories,. Blue sky, white clouds, tall trees, beautiful flowers, Welcome your arrival!

      • 142022-8

        What Is The Advantage Of PA PE Film ?

        High Barrier food packaging thermoforming film(PA/PE)Product

      • 172022-8

        What Is The Advantage Of The Thermoforming Film

        High Barrier food packaging thermoforming film(PA/PE)Product have many advantages

      • 132022-8

        What Do QiluVac Produce?

        QiluVac speciali ze in the production of PA/PE composite films . Their application possibilities are as versatile as the film types themselves. Packaging foodstuffs , such as fresh meat, sausages , ch