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      • 222023-3

        What Will Be The Application Field Of Co-extruded Film ?

        Functional co -squeezing membranes can be used to replace the composite film of part of the structure. For example, the composite film of PA/PE in the middle layer can be replaced by PA/PE.

      • 122023-3

        What Are The Characteristics Of Functional Co -extruded Films Main Feature?

        Functional co -extruded film is a composite film with multi -layer and co -squeezing technology to combine multiple substrate substrates with different properties.

      • 052023-3

        Are Printing Packages With Ink Safe For Food Packaging?

        We understand that not only the packaging materials, but also anything that comes into contact with those materials (such as printing ink), need to be both functional and safe for the product?and?the

      • 032023-2

        RFQ With QiluVac Film

        1. Are you a factory or a trading company? We are fatory,we have 4 under water quenched production lines. 2.Are your products safe for food contact? Our material is 100% virgin environmental. We got S

      • 092022-11

        What Is 100% Mono Materials ?

        QiluVac recyclable mono materials are an ecologically sensible alternative to the conventional multilayer and composite films, because they can be separated successfully in the recycling loop and can

      • 022022-11

        What Materials Can Pack Medical Sterile Goods ?

        QiluVac vaccum forming film are specially configured for the packaging of medical sterile goods; all materials from our factory are suitable for operation in cleanroom environments.

      • 262022-10

        What Specifications Are Bairrier Film

        Multilayers co-extruded high barrier cast film, nylon, EVOH and polyolefin (PE, PP) using a multilayer co-extrusion casting equipment at one time processing, multi-layer co-extruded cast technology pr

      • 122022-10

        What Are Characteristics Of Top Lidding Non-forming Film

        Generally comprised of a variety of materials, each non-forming web is engineered to perform flawlessly within your operating window.

      • 192022-10

        What Are The Characteristic Of Forming Film ?

        What are the characteristic of forming film QiluVac forming web materials deliver stronger seals even when seal areas contain contaminates; and lower heat seal temperatures for faster production speed