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      Why Are The Multi -layer Co -squeezing Packaging More Environmentally Friendly?

      Apr 19, 2023

      Why are the multi -layer co -squeezing packaging more environmentally friendly?

      In plastic packaging, if you want to realize more functionality of packaging materials, you often need to compound several materials to achieve the required functions. Now, the hygiene problem of composite materials is increasingly valued by people. Packaging The invasion of residual trace harmful substances on human health will accumulate over time. The current commonly used dry composite and printing and packaging products are used in the application of various organic solvents, connectors, and organic matter. They all contain toxic and harmful ingredients and cannot be completely removed.


      The co -squeezing film of this division, squeezed out various characteristic plastic particles at the same time, was squeezed out of the machine, and then composed of the oral dish. The harm of various organic matter and solvents is invited, reducing the cost of process, and meeting the needs of various types of packaging. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and health. It must be the trend of future packaging development.