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      What Is The Role And Classification Of Thermoforming Film

      Apr 05, 2023

      The themoforming film is also called co-extruded film, which is mainly used for fixed or covered items. Its shrinkage performance is very good. It is often used outdoors. Dust, transparent, and the appearance of the user is favored by users. The stretching film is divided into PE thermal contraction film, PVC film, POF, OPS contraction film, PET heat shrinking polyester film, etc. The following editors will introduce you in detail!


      1. The role of thermoforming film


      1. Stretching the film, generally refers to the heat co-extruded film.


      2. The co-extruded film is used for sales and transportation of various products. The main role is to be stable, covering and protecting the products. The contracted film must have high puncture resistance, good shrinkability and a certain contraction stress. The film cannot produce holes. Because the contraction film is often suitable for outdoor, UV anti -ultraviolet agents need to be added.

      3. The co-extruded film is widely used in: food, drugs, disinfection tableware, stylistic supplies, craft gifts, printing materials, hardware plastic products, telephone, electronic appliances, etc., especially the irregular items or products In terms of combined (bundle) packaging, it can not only meet the functions of moisture -proof, dustproof, anti -touch, and transparent display of the product, but also increase the attractiveness of the product. And in line with the packaging trend. The contraction film (bag) can be processed: flat pocket, arc -shaped bag, trapezoidal bag, stereo bag and other alien bags.