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      What Is The Classification Of Thermoforming Film

      Mar 29, 2023

      the classification of thermoforming film


      1. The film shrinking is used for sales and transportation of various products. The main role is stable, covering and protecting products. The contraction film must have high anti -puncture, good shrinkability and a certain contraction stress, and the film will not produce holes during the contraction process. Because the contraction film is often used outdoors, the UV anti -UV agent needs to be added. Including OPS/PE/PVC/POF/PET shrink film.


      2. PE thermal shrinking film is widely used in the overall collection and packaging of wine, canned food, mineral water, various beverages, fabrics and other products. This product has good flexibility, impact resistance and tear resistance, not easy to damage, not afraid of tide, and shrink.


      3. The PVC film has the characteristics of high transparency, good gloss, and high contraction rate.

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      4. POF has high gloss, good toughness, high tear strength, uniform thermal contraction, suitable for automatic high -speed packaging. It is an alternative product of traditional PVC thermal shrinking film. POF is the meaning of thermal contraction film. POF is a multi -layer co -squeezing polylefin thermal contraction film. It uses linear low -density polyethylene as the intermediate layer (LLDPE) and the common polypropylene (PP) as the inner and outer layer. It is plasticized and squeezed, and then processing through special processes, such as mold molding and bubbles.


      5. OPS contraction film (directional polystyrene) thermal contraction film is a new type of OPS thermal contraction film packaging material, which meets environmental protection requirements. OPS thermal contraction film has high strength, high rigidity, stable shape and good luster. Degree and transparency. It is easy to processed, easy to color, good printing performance and high printing resolution. This is a material improvement for the continuous pursuit of trademarks that are pursuing beautiful printing. Due to the high contraction and strength of the OPS film, it can be closely attached to a container of various shapes, so it can not only print beautiful patterns, but also meet the use of new packaging containers of various shapes. A thin film that is non -toxic, tasteless, oil -proof, and food hygiene enables designers to use eye -catching colors to achieve 360 ° label design, give full play to creativity and imagination, and allow drinks and other products to label. Use more vivid, highlight the image on the shelf, and create an unexpected container effect.


      6. PET thermal heating polyester film Features: Stable at room temperature, shrinking during heating (above glass transition temperature), one -way thermal contraction rate exceeds 70%.