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      What Is EVOH Movie And How Does It Promote The Shelf Life Of Packaging Food?

      Mar 01, 2023

      EVOH represents a polymer of ethylene -ethylene alcohol, which is a flexible, transparent, and smooth thermoplastic cluster. This material has excellent flexion and cracks, and has high resistance to hydrocarbon compounds, oil and organic solvents.


      EVOH is famous for its drug resistance of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which is particularly suitable for packaging foods, drugs, cosmetics and other easy rotten products. Compared with other common membranes, EVOH is considered to have superior barriers. However, when exposed to water, EVOH loses its good gas barriers.


      Therefore, EVOH often attacks the membrane structure with materials such as HDPE, PP, and PET. All these structures have high -quality moisture barrier characteristics.