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      What Is EVOH And How Does It Work in Food Packaging

      Mar 15, 2023

      In the food packaging industry, the composition of materials that extend the shelf life are a key component of ensuring product safety and retaining food flavors. In addition, the packaging materials that extend the shelf life of the product can greatly reduce waste and rotten products, and provide longer windows for grocery stores in order to reserve products before grocery stores before they can reach consumers' hands. A good way to achieve this purpose is to use packaging materials. The packaging material reduces the oxygen amount of permeation of plastic, such as EVOH, and incorporates the material into a multi -layer commonly excavated roller structure or extrusion layer pressure structure. Continue to read more information about this obstacle material.


      Although traditional thermoplastic resin materials (such as polypropylene, polyethylene and hip) have a certain degree of inherent barrier characteristics, they are usually not regarded as "barrier" materials. For example, polypropylene is naturally a very good water barrier, but it has poor performance in oxygen permeability. In order to protect the packaging of packaging from oxygen and water, the barrier material must be incorporated into the composition of the plate -this is where EVOH and other materials come in.