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      How To Protect The Quality Of High Barrier Thermoforming Film

      Mar 22, 2023

      Protection of the quality of high barrier thermoforming film

      Regardless of the development of technology, the important factor that affects the quality of high barrier thermoforming film so far is the material and production process.


      In order to use the performance of multiple polymers at the same time, multi -layer structures are usually used in the packaging. The high barrier stretching membrane process is to form a multi -layer structure thin film by a variety of different polymers in the same process. The advantages of physical performance are classified to meet and solve the special needs of packaging materials such as food, medicine and other industrial fields, and especially in PA.EVOH as the theme of obstruction of materials.


      When the high barrier stretch film packaging uses the physical method processing process, the internationally -recognized environmental protection materials are selected from one attack. It is different from the composite packaging mostly used now. It is a green and safe food packaging.


      Note: The high barrier stretch film consists of plastic raw materials, which is flammable and produces harmful gases. Please store it at 5-35 ° C to keep the storage environment dry and ventilated, and stay away from the heat source at least 1 meter distance.


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