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      Flexible Packaging Vacuum Forming Film
      Flexible Packaging Vacuum Forming Film
      Flexible Packaging Vacuum Forming Film
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      Flexible Packaging Vacuum Forming Film

      The film roll forms the basis of the packaging process. A full roll usually has a diameter 30-45mm. At such a size and corresponding weight, these rolls are still manageable.

      1. Product Introduction

      QiluVac high performance flexible packaging filmis produced by down blowing water quenched process, the thickness is 50um-350um, and it has excellent formability, high transparency, and good mechanical properties, which can extend food shelf life and provide superior color, aroma, flavor to food products.

      QiluVac offers both high oxygen barrier version,medium oxygen barrier version and High temperature cooking and sterilization resistant version of Co-extruded thermoforming barrier films,which can supply excellent packaging materials and best packing solutions.

      QiluVac can well match with automatic vacuum thermoforming machine, such as Multivac, VC999, Variovac, Frimaq, Webmatic, Ulma, ILPRA, etc.It can be designed with easy peeling effect according to requirements.

      2. Product Details

      QiluVac thermoforming  Film

      Production series



      QiluVac-Middle barrier,

      PA Surface


      PA barrier Layer,medium barrier performance;

      PA surface layer,good puncture resistance;

      Thickness range 50um-350um

      QiluVac-High barrier,PA Surface


      EVOH barrier Layer,High barrier performance;

      PA surface layer,good puncture resistance;

      Thickness range 50um-350um


      PA Surface


      PA barrier Layer,medium barrier performance;

      PP sealant layer,high temperature resistance(121°C);

      Thickness range 50um-350um



      3.Thermoforming packaging process diagram:

      ① Film roll  Heating and Form station Loading food

      ④ Code Printing Bottom film and Lid film heat sealing  Slitting



      4. Our advantage:


      Low cost and high effect

      Flexible printing possiblities

      Flexible mothed of sealing,such as back sealing,bottom sealing

      Excellent laminated performance to different materials

      High barrier with oxgen and gas

      Great properties for maintaining aroma

      Extend self-life for content



      5. FAQ

      Q: How can I purchase thermoforming packaging film?
      A: Please let us know the size of the film, quantity and packing you want. then we will get back to with the quotation and details.

      Q: What size vacuum thermoforming film can you make?
      A: We can produce the film Thickness from 50um to 350um,the Max width is 1200mm,the length can make your need.
      Q: What is the MOQ on thermoforming packaging film?
      A: The MOQ is about 500kgs. Small quantity also can be acceptable, depends on the stock.



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