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      pape Plastic Films in Food Packaging

      pape Plastic Films in Food Packaging

      pape Plastic Films in food packaging offer vacuum forming packaging solutions , For thermoforming bottom film, with depth of 3cm-5cm , for packing meats and bone in meats, we usually suggest PA/PE structures ,thickness 150micron -180mciron ,width 320mm,420mm,558mm,696mm,765mm,etc

      1.Product Parameter

      Vacuum thermoforming  Film

      Production series



      QiluVac -Middle barrier,

      PA Surface


      PA PE


      PA barrier Layer,medium barrier performance;

      PA surface layer,good puncture resistance;

      Thickness range 55um-350um

      QiluVac -High barrier,PA Surface


      PA EVOH PE


      EVOH barrier Layer,High barrier performance;    ffddd

      Thickness range 55um-350um

      QiluVac -Retort

      PA Surface


      PA PP


      PA barrier Layer,medium barrier performance;

      PP sealant layer,high temperature resistance;

      Thickness range 55um-350um


      2.Product feature and application


      · PA barrier Layer, medium barrier performance

      · PA surface layer, good puncture resistance

      · Excellent tensile properties, can be used for top film and bottom film, can be printed

      · Thickness range 55um-350um


      Room temperature, refrigerated, frozen foods, such as fish fillet, meat, sausages, cheese, etc(products requiring low barrier or short shelf life)


      3.Production details


      13 (8)

      4.Product qualification



      5.Deliver,shipping and serving


      Fast delivery time. Four production lines with an annual output of 8000ton with fast delivery time;QiluVac  is committed to supplying the best packaging solutions and materials to you!

      6.Last News

      Why plastics for packing?

      Today, several polymer types are currently used for foodstuff packaging. Plastics have emerged as the most preferred choice of packaging materials for various products- from food, beverages, chemicals, electronic items, and so on. They offer unique advantages over conventional materials:

      Safety: Plastics are safer materials for packaging food products especially polyolefins which do not react with food. Pilferage and contamination are difficult.

      Shelf Life: Plastics packaging material offer better shelf life

      Cost: Plastics are the most cost-effective medium of packaging when compared with any other material, the cost of transportation is reduced considerably on account of lower weight and less damage

      Convenience: Plastics can be converted in any form with various processing techniques, thus can pack any type of substances like liquids, powders, flakes, granules, solids.

      Waste: Packaging in plastics reduces the wastage of various food products, a typical example is potatoes or onions packed in leno.

      Aesthetics: A right choice of plastics packaging increased the aesthetic value of products and helps in brand identity

      Handling and Storage: Products packed in plastics are easiest to handle and store as well as transport.

      Plastic products are easy to recycle.

      Every day there are new products packed in plastics replacing conventional products and when a thought is given to packing a new product the first choice that appears in the mind is Plastic packaging material.

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