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      Ham Sausage Packing Film
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      Ham Sausage Packing Film

      Vacuum thermoforming packaging film for Ham sausages are quite popular in our daily life. Not only the best appearence, but the long shelf life.

      Ham Sausage Packing Film

      Vacuum thermoforming packaging film for Ham sausages are quite popular in our daily life. Not only the best appearence, but the long shelf life.

      1. Product Introduction

      Multilayer structure design makes the film have the high barrier and the casting process technology ensures the very good opacity of products, softness and gloss.

      Packages required by directly forming technology, packages of the poultry, meat, seafood and dairy products.

      QiluVac offers both nylon pe film, pa evoh pe film and pa pp film of vacuum thermoforming film, which can supply excellent packaging materials and best packing solutions.

      2. Product Feature and Application


      ? Highly transparent

      ? Puncture resistance toughness

      ? Good thermoformability

      ? Environmental protection

      ? Excellent oxygen barrier and moisture resistance

      ? Low temperature freezing -30 ℃ to high temperature sterilization 121 ℃

      Application of Thermoforming Film:

      Vacuum thermoforming film For ham sausage Packaging, Meat packaging, Cheese packaging, common in use for chicken, beef, meat with bones etc.

      3. Production Details


      High transparency


      Good thermoformability


      4. Product Qualification


      Our quality Guarantee. FDA and SGS, all materials are in compliance with FDA Contact Legislation.

      5. Deliver, Shipping and Serving


      Good Reputation. Founded in 1988, with more than 30 years’ experience, good reputation;

      Professional technical support. Professional technical team and customize packaging solutions.

      6. FAQ

      Q: How can I purchase vacuum thermoforming packaging film?

      A: Please let us know the size of the film, quantity and packing you want. then we will get back to with the quotation and details.

      Q: What size vacuum thermoforming film can you make?

      A: We can produce the film Thickness from 55um to 350um, the Max width is 1200mm, the length can make your need.

      Q: What is your production process?

      A: We using under water quenching process technologies, now we have four produce lines.

      Q: How long is the lead time?

      A: Normal order within 7-10 days after we recieve your deposit.

      Q: Can you offer the free sample?

      A: Yes. We can supply the free samples with 100m per roll with your need.

      Q: What is the MOQ on thermoforming packaging film?

      A: The MOQ is about 200kg. Small quantity also can be acceptable, depends on the stock.

      Q: How is your factory production capability?

      A: We have four water quenched production lines. They can manufacture products up to 8000 tons per year.

      7. Latest News

      We produced the world’s most advanced thermoforming film, meat packaging applications. Our film series with the innovative patented and advanced patented technology to ensure maximum shelf life of your products and excellent presentation.

      Co-extruded nylon barrier film, which is divided into two categories: symmetrical and asymmetrical structures, has good barrier properties, high transparency, cooking resistance and good heat sealing performance. Compared with dry compounding, it has low price, no Odor and good chemical stability. Mainly used for vacuuming, cooking, freezing, and packaging that requires more puncture resistance

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