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      Company Profile

      Shandong Qilu Ethylene Chemicals Co., Ltd (Brand name QiluVac) was incorporated and put into production in 1987, which is a 300,000-ton ethylene supporting enterprise of Qilu Petrochemical. In 2009, we introduced 3 new PVB film production lines with an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons. In 2013, a new multi-layer blown co- extruded production line was set, until now we have 4 lines with annual production of 8,000 tons. We are the preferred quality and the largest water quench co-extruded film and casting film manufacturer in north of China.

      QiluVac can offer various packaging materials, free of benzene and other solvent residues, fully in line with environmental protection and hygiene requirements. QiluVac, is committed to supplying the best packaging solutions and materials to all customers!

      Our History


      Our Facility


      Our Trade Show

      Our goods are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries and regions.


      Our Highlights